RevengeOS | Redmi 7/Y3 – Ready for revenge

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RevengeOS is an aftermarket firmware based on AOSP. They are dedicated to provide their users a beautiful, fast, stable, and minimal custom ROM

It is a Qualcomm CAF based ROM that provides unique gradients based design along with fast performance and stability.

It is a ROM that promises to give you the best out of your phone.

Gradient Material design

The uniqueness of RevengeOS is the gradient color finish all over the system, quite attractive colors right!


The ROM comes camera2api pre-enabled so you can install the suitable version to use it. But the OS comes with a simple built-in camera that can click some average photos, so it’s better to install a Gcam manually.


Nowadays most prefer the gestures over the navigation buttons as its most convenient to switch apps and a pretty fluid smooth to use. Hence, this ROM has both Android pie and 10 gestures.

Revenge OS has lot’s of beautiful accents compared to the other ROMS. It is smooth enough and the phone is performing awesome. We have never felt any big issues or lags. The idle battery drain of this ROM is Great. It’s worth giving it a try as it will be a different experience and features you could use from the latest version.

Battery Backup

Genom Magic Kernel works pretty well with this ROM.


The performance in this ROM was pretty dope, no random reboots, no lag, PUBG was smooth and the ROM is quite battery oriented too. it’s beast when it comes to gaming and smoothness and can be used as a daily driver.

Revenge OS Features

  • Gradient accent colors
  • AOSP apps
  • Live Caption
  • Smart Replies
  • Dirac sound Amplifier
  • Gesture Navigation
  • Dark Theme
  • Privacy Control
  • Location Control
  • Security Updates
  • Focus Mode
  • Family Link
  • Face unlock
  • Built-in screen recorder

This was our opinion about RevengeOS ROM. Do comment and tell us about your opinions too…

Thanks to The Developer Aarish Khan who built this beautiful ROM for Redmi 7 and also big Thanks To RevengeOS Team.

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