Aniko Review: Amazing free Anime?

A beautiful free app to stream Animes in HD.

Animes have become increasingly popular nowadays, its audience has expanded from Japan, across Asia and western cultures. Teens like us, want to watch something more than just pretty visuals, we want something with meaningful story. But the best place to watch those animes? Aniko

1. Absolutely stunning UI

Aniko boasts the best User Interface across the board, when you open the app you are greeted with the animes you’re currently watch, most trending and recently added animes, etc. The conveniently placed navigation bar is futuristic and minimal, providing quick access to your user profile, search and settings.

2. Sort Animes by Genre

You can sort the animes by genre such as Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, and Japanese genre such as Ecchi, Shipuden, and lots more. It’s convenient to view these animes, because they are placed at the bottom of the home screen, and all I have to do is swipe down to access them, it’s fast and easy way to access the feature, instead of adding them to a side-panel like other apps.

3. Keep track of your watchlist

Aniko let’s you sign-up with an account, this keeps track of your watchlist, and you can mark animes that you’re considering to watch or have completed. The account can be used to chat in the comments section of animes as well.

The background of the profile sections is like a live wallpaper, when you are using the App, it feels more alive and adds a sense of anime to it. Small attentions to detail like this shows the quality of the app in my opinion. Even popular streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime doesn’t feel this great to use, or have features like comment section, Aniko is very enthusiastic and cheerful to say the least.

4. Search and Request feature

The search tab in Aniko supports both Japanese and English anime names. If you can’t find the animes that Aniko doesn’t have, you may use the Request Anime feature. Enter the anime name in bar, if it doesn’t show up, hit the Request Anime button and fill in the details. Within a couple of days the anime will be added to the app! I think animes are added by the highest request anime first, but I could be wrong.

5. Donation perks.

Aniko is completely free to use, unlike other apps that use ads, especially the pop-up ads that cover the entire app making us feel frustrated, Aniko doesn’t use ads at all. Instead it relies on non-recurring donations, if you can’t pay, NP, you won’t be disturbed, you will get the same resolution as everyone, but if you can pay even 1$ a month, the app is completely overhauled and helps run the servers.

Donation Perks include:

  • Download Feature.
  • Requested Anime will be added within a day or two.
  • Profile Customization.
  • Top donations will show up on app’s home screen.
  • The dev’s gratitude!

6. Conclusion

Personally I think the app is solid 10/10,  it doesn’t ask much and provides lots of cool features be it for paying 1-5$ a month or just using the app for free. I love the UI and features of Aniko that similar apps don’t provide. The devs have already started working on an android TV version, and launched it in open beta, the team behind aniko is really open to the community, that spans across Reddit, Telegram, and Discord. It’s free, it’s great to use, and does what it does best, stream HD animes to your device. That’s all I can ask from a streaming app, and I surprised very few apps have come this far in to merging anime and streaming into one.

I hope the project keeps on going and we can enjoy this excellent community-driven anime streaming app. Kudus to the devs.

Sayonara! uwu

Note: Spadebee doesn’t support piracy of any form, this article was meant for educational purposes only.

9 Replies to “Aniko Review: Amazing free Anime?”

  1. Been using this app for months (3 or 2 months to be precise) this app is the best app in the world, i mean where Where can you find an app that full hd, ad free, 720p, and it runs on 100kbps no buffering best app thanks to the devs of this apps.

  2. No other app comes even close to comparison with aniko, best app out there and the best part is that its free, super fast episode updates for new episodes streams anime with no buffering whatsoever with minimum data consumption even at full hd resolution, if you’re looking for an anime app look no more, this is as good as it gets.

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