Best Way To Unlock Max Graphics/FPS In PUBG and CoD Mobile without ban

In recent era of mobile gaming, best Graphics and FPS is all one requires for enhanced gaming experience. Frame Drops and low quality graphics or FPS suck the fun out of a game when talking about legendary FPS game like Call of Duty Mobile or epic Battle Royal game like PUBG Mobile without ban.
So today, we at SpadeBee are here to guide you on the Best Way To Unlock Max Graphics/FPS In PUBG and CoD Mobile!

So cutting straight to the topic, there are lots of apps or methods available online that promise about unlocking max graphics and FPS in such games. Not to mention some GFX tools that’ve actually led to banning of some accounts so far.
Do note that our this method is 100% safe and legal.


Time needed: 5 minutes.


  1. Download the mentioned modules

    Download the mentioned module for your game to your phone

  2. Open Magisk Manager

    Open Magisk Manager and switch to Modules Tab
    Screenshot of Magisk Manager

  3. Flash the module

    Now click on yellow ‘+’ icon and select the module zip you downloaded previously.
    Reboot after flash is successful.

  4. Check if module is flashed

    Repeat step 1 – 2 to open Modules section in Magisk Manager and look for this:
    FPS Unlocker flashed

  5. Check your game!

    Open your game and check for graphics settings. In my case, Call of Duty Mobile:
    CoDm Graphics Settings

Voila, you just unlocked max Graphics and FPS.
Now game on with Max Graphics/FPS as an advantage over your enemies!
Happy Gaming to you!

Harsh Navdhare

19 | Python Developer | Computer Science Engineering student, a tech enthusiast, and a casual blogger.

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