Intel’s graphics card to beat Nvidia’s RTX 3070?

We all know that Intel’s been working on a brand new Xe architecture for their discrete graphics card line-up. And if we go by the early product demonstrations, it was nothing special and barely beat a MX250, but it appears as if the tables have turned!

Intel has taken off the wraps from their DG2 card and are making some bold claims about it. Put in CEO Bob Swan’s words: “Our first discrete GPU DG1 is shipping now and will be in systems for multiple OEMs later in Q4. We also powered on our next-generation GPU for client DG2. Based on our Xe high-performance gaming architecture, this product will take our discrete graphics capability up the stack into the enthusiast segment.”

The cards have already been featured in the list of recommended specs for some games such as Amnesia: Rebirth, this provides a sign that maybe we can actually look up to these graphics as a viable alternative to Nvidia’s and AMD’s offerings.

Also, according to a leakster,  Moore’s Law is Dead the DG2 could be pitched at around the same performance level as an RTX 3070 – but we have to take things with a little bit of salt up here.

Whatever the case might be, the cards are most likely to be launched next year and will only benefit the consumers due to increased competition. So what do you think about Intel’s upcoming graphics? Let us know in the comments below!

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