Huawei has nothing to hide, they plan to sell Honor to the Chinese government!

So it’s official, Huawei is finally selling their budget smartphone unit for 15 Billions USD to the Digital China Group, and the local government of the brand’s home town, Shenzhen. And Honor users, this might be a bad news for you all.

We all know how the US placed sanctions on Huawei, due to which they faced various difficulties and were forced to start working with their own HarmonyOS. Now, the Digital China Group and the local government seem to rescue out the company for the troubling times, by buying their budget brand unit, which was only putting a strain on their already short budget and chip supply.

While there isn’t an official statement, but Huawei is planning to transfer all the departments, which includes the one responsible for the software used in the devices as well. And we all know how well the Chinese reputation is for developing “secure” software, at least Google steals our data openly.

There are going to be major loans for completing the transaction, which are again from banks backed by the Chinese government, making Huawei look all the more suspicious.

So what do you think about the changes is Honor ownership? DO you even have an Honor device? Let us know in the comments below!

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