Mi A3’s new update fixes the bricking issue!

The well known ruckus that was caused by Xiaomi’s update rollout for the Mi A3 update which bricked users devices seems to be coming to an end! And finally “stable” Android 11 for Mi A3 users!?

As has been confirmed by various sources, the new Mi A3 update roll out seems to be without any issues and the device successfully upgrades to the new Android version. The update has a build number and weighs around 1.40GB in size.

So this means that you can safely update your device, and kudos to those who wait for the update to be confirmed as stable before installing it in their devices, as we all know Xiaomi’s tendencies to derp things up! For those whose devices became a useless brick the New Year’s Eve, Xiaomi is giving free replacements, so you can go for that. Or if you are feeling adventurous, short those 2 pins, boot up the phone in the required mode and you are good to go! 😉

And for those of you who plan to buy a Mi A series device, know that Xiaomi had earlier accidentally pushed Mexican firmware to global devices and their history hasn’t been great at all. So refrain from purchasing these devices if you don’t plan to switch over to custom ROMs!

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