Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode just got ultra secure!

Google just keeps on adding things we love to their products, and now it is time for Chrome! Google Chrome is getting an update for the iOS platform which allows you to lock incognito tabs with Touch or Face ID!

This feature s going to come in handy if you have to hand over your phone to someone else and want to protect your data. The tabs in incognito will be blurred till the identity of the person is confirmed either using the iPhone’s fingerprint scanner or facial recognition software!

This is crucial for privacy conscious users in scenarios where you don’t want to expose your search history to a friend whom you are handing over the phone. With this new feature, all this can be prevented without a single hiccup.

Such features have existed in other Google products such as Google Drive ( Want to download torrents to Gdrive? ), Google Search app and more. The rollout to the Chrome app which is used by millions is another step towards ensuring the privacy of users.

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