Facebook is now making a Smartwatch!

As if Mark Zuckerberg didn’t have every detail of our life, now Facebook is venturing into the smartwatch business as well! Spoiler alert, its targeted for messaging and fitness.

According to recent leaks, Facebook is primarily focusing on making a fitness tracker and helping you stay connected to others via messaging people through Facebook’s platform, Messenger. Also, it is speculated that the watch might actually be called “Facebook Watch”.

Also, the watch might be able to communicate via WhatsApp as well. Now, you might think if this will require phone sync, like it does for WhatsApp Web. But Facebook seems to have a workaround for this. The watch will come with cellular connectivity so you don’t need to carry your phone around all times!

It has been mentioned that the communication platforms might even be redesigned to support small screens better! Apart from messaging, Facebook is also said to be focusing more on Health features that will be present in the Smartwatch. Some of them are extensive Workout plans/Data, Track workouts, interact with Trainers, and integrate with Fitness services like Peloton.

The watch might feature a heart rate sensor, SpO2 sensor and more to ensure proper fitness tracking ( After all, Mark needs to know everything ).

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