Android 12 to bring AI based auto-rotate feature!

Google is all focused on making the Android 12 a huge update, with loads of UI changes and introducing handy things. And we might finally get what we always wanted, face based auto-rotation!

The feature is termed as “Smart-Autorotate”, and is able to use various algorithms to detect the facial orientation of a person, and then make a decision in which direction should the screen be turned.

This is quite important, as the current auto-rotate feature just makes wild guesses, and we have to keep disabling it to properly see those landscape images in our gallery. ( Irritating, isn’t it? )

For those who are panicking right now due to privacy concerns ( Although you live in 2021, there is no privacy ), don’t worry, as Google will make sure that the data s processed mostly locally. It is said that the feature will use the detection algorithm similar to that of Google Duo, which is a nice thing as it is something already tried and tested.

And as always, this feature will roll-out to Pixels first, then trickle down to other devices. Google is also planning on using the “Material Design NEXT” and a completely revamped UI as well! So this Android update might be the one to look out for!

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