Apple M1 Macs face severe SSD degradation!

Apple, generally known for perfection with their devices, have done a severe blunder which is now completely destroying users’ SSDs which can’t be replaced!

According to a report, Macs with M1 chips are writing excessive amounts of data to the internal SSDs, which is drastically affecting their lifespan. This has been a complaint from a large number of users, and in some cases, the bug is so severe that it has already used up-to 10-13% of the maximum warrantable TBW( Total Bytes Written ) of the drives!

For the uninitiated, SSDs can only write for a certain number of times to their flash cells before they die. Thus, software techniques are used to ensure that the wearing of the drive is levelled down, yet there is still a point when data becomes un-writable to the drive. Hence, SSD degradation is a normal thing, but M1 Macs are doing it so quickly that the drives could die in a few months itself!

One user shows that a few percent of their SSD had been used in just 2 months of their purchase, with some cases reporting 3-4% usage on 2TB SSDs. This can be extremely problematic, as only Apple can replace those SSDs and they cost a fortune. Their is no fix available as of now, but stay tuned!

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