AMD’s EPYC Genoa CPUs are coming with whopping 96 cores!

AMD just won’t stop, and this time it looks like they are going to absolutely butcher Intel with their 5nm based EPYC Genoa server line-up!

The CPUs will soon be running Crysis on them without a hiccup on LTTs channel. And AMD has absolutely gone bonkers and scavenged everything they possibly could, to create this monstrosity of a CPU! It not only features a 96C/192T setup, but also all of your favourite next gen tech!

As if the CPU wasn’t powerful enough already, it also features DDR5 support, with a whopping 12 channel memory support and an insane 128 PCI lanes! And these are no peasant PCIe 4.0 lanes, these are the big chonky PCIe 5.0! The chip will feature 12 chiplets and one main I/O die which handles all the communication between them.

The TDP of these CPUs goes up-to an eye-watering 320W and can be configured up-to 400W! And these bad boys can be run in dual CPU configuration as well, so you know what is coming.

The final detail mentioned is the SP5 (LGA 6096) socket, while EPYC Naples, Rome, and Milan utilize the SP3 platform and LGA 4094 socket.

These CPUs sound crazy, and truly justify their EPYC title! Let us know what you think about these chips at the link below!

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