WhatsApp is making a major update to make your backups secure!

We all know how WhatsApp sucks in terms of privacy, but it looks like they are finally making a change for the good! No more unencrypted backups!

WhatsApp backups are a must for almost everyone nowadays, as it is a major platform and we can’t afford to loose our valuable conversations, can we? Currently, WhatsApp backs up your chats without any form of end-to-end, directly to your cloud. This means that the reversible encryption can lead to anyone accessing your data!

While this feature is in development, it means that in the near future all you would have to do is verify your phone number, provide a safe and secure password and whoosh! You have encrypted backups that no one can open except you!

It is a great move by WhatsApp, considering how much they had messed everything up with their new Privacy Policy which led to a flurry of users migrating to Telegram and Signal. This feature is going to available on both iOS and Android, so win-win for everyone!