Windows Terminal: How to make it look amazing!

Windows Terminal is one of the best utilities for Windows and it lets you manage all the thing you could possibly imagine of, all the while having GPU accelerated rendering for a smoother experience, but today let us set out to make it look like the image!

For this, first head over to the Microsoft Store and install Windows Terminal if you haven’t already! It is a boon for centralizing things. After you are done installing the application, let’s move on to theme-ing!

Open Windows Terminal, and click on Settings from the dropdown menu:

This will open a json file, we are using Notepad++ to edit it as this software is pretty handy and has all the nifty features, you can use normal Notepad if you want.

Next, add these 2 lines to the json file:

"useAcrylic": true,
"acrylicOpacity": 0.4,

Add these 2 under the profiles section like this:

And bam! You’ll now have a translucent looking Windows Terminal! If you want to adjust the opacity, you can set the values from 0.0 to 1.0 as per your liking! Also, if you are wondering what was that custom kernel in my WSL2 install, it was made by me and can be taken from here on my GitHub!

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