OnePlus 9 Pro to feature 50W wireless charging!

2021 is the race for fastest charging in smartphones, and it seems like OnePlus i catching up to the rest! And yes, this is crazy 50W charging wirelessly!

A tweet by Pete Lau has confirmed that the OnePlus 9 Pro supports 50W Wireless Charging. He goes on to reveal that the device will charge from empty to 100% in just 43 minutes via the wireless charging technology.

The charger was certified today by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), confirming the device’s touted capabilities. As can be seen in the Tweets by the official OnePlus account, the 50W wireless charging leaves iPhone in the dust!

The 50W wireless charger is called the OnePlus Warp Charge 50 Wireless Charger, and features a flat design. Additionally, it has been confirmed by Pete Lau that the device will be able to charge completely in just 29 minutes via wired charging! This is crazy fast, and really useful as we stay glued to our phones nowadays.

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