Genshin Impact 1.5 Beta leaks are here!

Genshin Impact is one of the topmost grossing games on Android and iOS and there are already leaks about its upcoming 1.5 version Beta, courtesy of many gamers!

Version 1.5 brings in some major changes, and many are inspired from the likes of Skyrim ( Well GI has Dragons, Lore and whatnot, its Skyrim Anime edition? ). In the new update, players will be able to enter their own Domain, known as Homeworld, in order to craft and build their own homes.

They’ll also be able to gather materials, like wood, from the open-world of Teyvat and then carry it back to their personal Domain, where these materials can be turned into all sorts of home furnishings.

Also, there are a slew of new Weapons and Artifacts added in the new update, and this leak can be trusted particularly well as the routine updates do this as well.

There are many more changes to come in the 1.5 update, so stay tuned!

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