Apple’s Special Event is going live on April 2020!

This year’s Apple’s event is officially here! And it is going to come with loads of new tech and surprises! Spoiler: Our beloved iPad is going to get a refresh as well!

We expect there to be updates to the iPad Pro, iPad Mini 6 and other devices like Apple AirTags. Apple truly waited until the last minute to announce this event, which has been rumored for months. The invite itself doesn’t particular hint at any devices with the tagline “Spring Loaded” focused on the timing of the event.

And as per tons of leaks, there are high chances that the iPad pro will be getting a chip on part with the M1 found in the current MacBooks, making the difference between the 2 devices even less. Also, the larger iPad model is said to have a mini-LED display.

AirPods 3 might be announced, but they might be delayed to launch with the iPhone 13 later this year ( Q3 to be exact ). There’s also been some interesting rumors about a new Apple TV that could make an appearance next week. The most exciting of these rumors dropped earlier this week and claimed that the next Apple TV would be a set-top box, speaker and smart display combo, similar to an Amazon Echo Show but with an Apple TV 4K built into it.

Apple TV 6 might also sport a built in camera for video conferencing, thank you COVID. Also, to spoil your hopes, the iPhone SE 3 might not release this year as it took Apple 4 years to update the original one.

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