Chinese RAM manufacturer to make 10Ghz DDR5 RAM!

We all thought 5Ghz was the max that we would be getting, but apparently we can go up-to 10Ghz! DDR5 RAM is all set to change how our PCs run!

According to Team Group, the new RAM sticks can be run on much higher voltages, thanks to the voltage controller now lying on the RAM stick instead of the motherboard as was the case in DDR4. This allows, the chip to go full stonks at 2.6V, instead of the stock 1.1V, this allows the RAM to go even beyond 8.4Ghz. ( As if 512GB capacity of a single DIMM wasn’t enough )

And this initiative has been first undertaken by the Chinese manufacturer Netac, who have only been in this business for 2 years, but are ready to set themselves apart with these high binned chips. According to ITHome, they are investing heavily in R&D to make these chips available to the general consumer.

There is one big caveat though, as is with all things which sound too good to be true. The sticks will run at timings of 40-40-40, and it is not clear as to how the systems will benefit from the 10Ghz speed if the timings are so high.

Also, both AMD and Intel just want to bring DDR5 support to the consumer market, and hence they might not even support these high of speeds at all! So it might be some time before you can actually get your hands on these extreme RAM sticks.

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