Google is trying out new ways to trigger the Google Assistant!

Hey Google is an important part our lives now, and we get frustrated when our favorite voice recognition doesn’t work in noisy environments, and Google has found a new way to fix this!

Currently, the smart assistant can be triggered by a variety of ways: Swiping from the bottom corners of your screen, voice recognition, and dedicated buttons in some devices, but all of these methods have their own drawbacks, which is why Google has been trying hard to find a new implementation to make us even more dependent on their Assistant. ( Siri isn’t even smart, sorry iPhone users )

Google has tried out using various other handy tricks, such as squeezing the phone, or adding dedicated re-mappable buttons for the Google Assistant but they never took off. And now it is the turn of the power button. This has been tested in Android 11, and it is said to built in with Android 12. Android 11 users, don’t fret as this isn’t an OS dependent upgrade, and will be shipped to everyone if the trials are successful!

The feature can be tried on some Pixel devices running on the Android Developer Preview. On Android 12, this feature can be found under Settings > Apps & Notifications > Assistant. In case you’re on Android 11 or below, the option will show up in the Apps & Notification section of the Settings app.

Also, it is said that apart from triggering the Assistant with the power button, Android 12 might bring the ability to use double tap to trigger assistant, making it even more easier to call upon are handy searchers! Since you’re at it, check out how Google “accidentally” leaked their Pixel 5a camera samples!