Apple’s new iPad Pro beats AMD and Intel laptops!

Apple’s M1 chip has been pulling off great feats, and now the M1 SoC inside the iPad is faster than AMD or Intel CPU in laptops!

The single-core performance is comparable to the Apple A14 chipset of the iPhone 12 series, they use the same cores after all. However, the M1 has four big ones compared to two in the phones, which makes for a massive difference in the multi-core test.

In this comparison, AMD Ryzen 7 5800U and Intel i7-1185G7 have been taken, as well as Qualcomm’s top SD888 chipset, which gets absolutely butchered by every single chip in the list.

As can be seen, the Apple M1 destroys both the i7 and the Ryzen 5800U in the single-core department, as well as match the Ryzen 5800U in a multi-core test, and this SoC is only limited to 15W TDP, unlike the Ryzen and Intel counterparts which boost to much higher TDPs frequently.

It is pretty impressive to see the achievement of Apple, and awe at the fact that they have already started the mass production of their M1X/M2 SoC which is set to feature even more cores and be based on an even more efficient process node!

What do you think about these results? Will Intel or AMD ever be able to catch up to Apple? Let us know in the comments below!