Google to bring a colorful UI to Google Assistant

Google has already worked a lot upon making the Google Assistant easier and more intuitive to use, and it appears that they are working on making it more colorful!

The Google Assistant already adapts to your phone’s theme-ing, and gets a white or dark UI based on your preferences. But we all know 2 colors are never enough, hence Google went ahead and made it adapt according to your device accent!

As was uncovered by XDA tipster Matthew Pirszel, the current Google Assistant has hidden tweaks which allow it to enable a colorful UI in shades of blue and green. It is suggested that these direct towards the “Monet” theme prevalent in Android 12, which applies your accent color to the overall UI of the device.

According to XDA, the monet theming system automatically changes notification background color, and the Quick Settings accent color, as well as the Settings page and Lockscreen.

Also, cherry-on-top of the cake, another feature, called “My Actions” was uncovered, which allows users to trigger frequently used queries in a single tap.

It is to be noted that these features won’t be rolled out anytime soon, but are in the works and should ship with Google’s next Android iteration, Android 12! Also, check out how Google is working on new ways to trigger the Assistant.