Get Battlefield 4 for free with Amazon Prime!

Battlefield is an extremely famous gaming franchise, and now you can get a copy of their Battlefield 4 title for free with Amazon Prime!

As per the upcoming event of the release of Battlefield 6 by the EA, they have partnered with Amazon to get you a free Origin copy of Battlefield 4 with their gift code. Well it’s sad news for Steam purists, but hey, the game is free!

If you are asking yourself as to why you aren’t being gifted Battlefield 5 instead, it is due to the fact that the Battlefield 4 title was more popular and widely accepted in the series. It sticks to the original Battlefield 3 story, while offering newbies a great entry into the franchise.

If you are one of the Amazon Prime members, you can visit Prime Gaming on Twitch and claim your free game code and enjoy playing an older title, while waiting for your hands to get a decent GPU for modern titles at MSRP instead of scalper price.

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