Apple will continue to update iOS 14 even after the iOS 15 update!

Apple wants everyone to be on the latest iOS versions always to ensure security, and they have kept a really great track record of doing so as well. But this time it appears as if they are going the Ubuntu way and planning to update iOS 14 even after a major iOS upgrade!

In a first from Apple, they plan to upgrade their previous iOS version and keep it up-to-date with the latest security patches, all the while making it optional to upgrade to the new OS upgrade.

Historically, Apple has been adamant about iOS updates in the past, quickly disallowing iOS devices to downgrade to a recent update. This made sure that devices stayed with more recent firmware and discouraged downgrading to older software.

This move will be beneficial to many users of older iOS devices, as iOS 15 plans to introduce many processing heavy features which would take a toll on the battery life of older smartphones. Also, it would help users who have some kind of constraints like organizational and enterprise devices which have locks on them.

iOS 15 would be available as developer preview from now onwards, with the public beta to be out in July and the update will be released to major users in the fall. What do you think about this move from Apple? Let us know in the comments below!

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