Realme to venture into the Laptops arena!

Realme has already forayed into smartphones and wearables, but it appears that they don’t have plans to stop there at all! They are going to launch laptops as well ( and they are heavily Apple inspired.. )

As per the indications by the Realme India CEO Madhav Seth on Twitter, he seemed to be hinting a laptop launch from the brand. He has gone by the style took by Steve Jibs to first hint the launch of the MacBook. And no guesses needed, the device resembles and has a MacBook like finish as well.

Although, Madhav Seth didn’t explicitly mention the launch of a laptop, he posted a binary code which when decoded, translates to “Hello World”. This is a word well known amongst programmers, as it is one of the few examples used in the learning of a new programming language.

Additionally, Realme had suggested its plans to launch a laptop by conducting a survey, in which they received large amounts of request for having a laptop in Realme’s portfolio. This all indicates that Realme is working on a brand new MacBook inspired machine, which will probably be geared towards work users/programmers with pretty great specs.

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