Android 12 to redesign how we view call details!

Android 12 has been one of the greatest redesigns from Google since the beginning of Android operating system, and justifiably so they are bringing loads of new features to help you with your life! This time in Android 12 Beta 2, you can view call duration on the status bar itself!

The Android 12 Betas have been rolling out to the Google Pixels, and the latest Beta is available as well, showcasing brand new features to be available to everyone sooner. This new change makes it easier to track the length of calls for you.

Normally when you leave the phone app it creates a notification that shows the duration of the call and that can be tapped to return to the phone app quickly. That is still in place, but requires you to open the notification shade first.

Android 12 will skip that step by placing a chip in the status bar that shows the duration of the call. This will be available for other 3rd party apps to utilize as well. For example, apps like Skype, WhatsApp etc. can utilize this available chip to show the respective video call durations right on your statusbar, allowing you to keep an accurate track of time.

This has been revealed by popular Android developer, kdrag0n, who made a Magisk module to enable this feature via flags in Android 12!

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