Honor to come back to the Google family!

Honor was blacklisted by Google and were unable to add basic services like Play Store and Google Search to their devices, due to the ban on Huawei. But that is all set to change, as all Huawei phones will get the Google Experience back in their Android devices!

According to the information shared by an Honor executive,  global Honor smartphones and tablets will be able to run Google’s Mobile Services going forward. Honor is currently under Google Play Protect security review to ensure that there are no background loopholes present in the device and users remain safe.

This is great news for all Honor device owners, considering Honor makes pretty great devices with their Kirin SoCs. If the budget devices get GMS back without 3rd party methods, it would be an absolute boon for the company as they could bank on the entry-level and mid-range market for their sales.

As of now, there is no word as to how many will actually get back Google’s certification, but it is being speculated that most of the devices from Honor’s arsenal would get the much required comeback to the Google ecosystem.

In layman’s terms, due to Honor being split from its parent company Huawei, they are no longer under the US governments radar, and will be able to have apps like Google Messages, Duo, Play Store etc.

Are you excited about this news? Do you own an Honor device and hate the lack of Google apps? Let us know in the comments below! Also, check out how we managed to leak the Windows 11 ISO as well our in-depth review of it!

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