Windows 11: The full coverage of Microsoft’s latest OS!

Windows 11 is out in the wild, and we were among the first ones to provide you with the links and details of the build. Now, we are here with all the new features that we have found in Windows 11 by now!

Windows 11 brings in a lot of UI/UX changes, and fundamentally redesigns how we use our PCs. From multi-touch gestures, to a much more streamlined Start Menu, everything has been improved to make Windows look modern and snappier. ( Searching for Download link? Go up here )

The Start Menu

The biggest change we have noticed by now is the inclusion of the all new Start Menu, inspired from Windows 10X. Live tiles are gone for good, and instead we have static app icons. Additionally, the Timeline is also gone, and you can see your recently used apps on the Start Menu itself, which makes it easier to access your favorite apps.

Additionally, there is a secret registry edit which you can do to bring back the old Windows 10 Start Menu, meaning that Microsoft might be keeping a way to switch back to legacy components since many companies don’t want to go the extra mile and teach their staff a new OS.

All new File Explorer

Microsoft had been working on polishing the file manager even in the Windows 10 insider builds, and they have managed to complete the Fluent Design scheme for this essential part of the OS. The File Explorer now features flat icons, and rounded corners just like the rest of the system. The interface has been polished a little bit as well, and we hope that they continue to phase out the old components.

Action Centre

Windows 11 also added a nice touch to the Action Bar, making everything more rounded and curved, once again taking cues from the now abandoned Windows 10X. The fundamental design remains the same. But according to our sources, even that can change in the final release of the OS on June 24th.

Home Screen and Taskbar

The Home Screen has an all new touch with the blurs in the UI, the addition of Windows Terminal on right-click menu and everything gets rounded corners. Truth be told, this looks heavily inspired from KDE in Linux and some cues from MacOS.

The Taskbar also gets a renewal, with you being able to centralize the icons or keep them at left like the old times. The icons for most apps have also been updated, which blend in smoothly with the new overall Windows 11 design.

Some other exclusive news, this build is said to be around 1-3 months old, hence Microsoft may actually have added many more features that we aren’t aware of. But as is with us, we will be the first ones to bring you up to date with any leaked news/ISOs coming around! Also, Windows 11 is in fact lighter than Windows 10, and has been shown to run on a VM with just 2GB of RAM! Will games run faster? Only time can tell. Fun fact, Windows 10 activation tools can be used for activation of Windows 11 as well.

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