Windows 11’s brand new feature spotted! ( Spadebee exclusive )

Windows 11 has been hyped up for quite some time now, and we have spotted another new feature, as well as BIG optimisations that might be rolling out in the official Windows update!

WSL apps will now have GUI!

As has been spotted by a reddit user txnforgediniron, when you install WSL in Windows 11, it shows text while installing which indicates that a component for Graphical Interface for WSL is present!

C:\Windows\system32>wsl --install

Installing: Virtual Machine Platform

Virtual Machine Platform has been installed.

Installing: Windows Subsystem for Linux

Windows Subsystem for Linux has been installed.

Downloading: WSL Kernel

Installing: WSL Kernel

WSL Kernel has been installed.

Downloading: GUI App Support <---- !!!


As can be seen here, this points to the long going project for adding GUI support to WSL apps in Windows 10 itself, and apparently is now mature enough to be rolled out to Windows 11. This is called WSLg by Microsoft, and it makes it seamless to launch Linux apps with a graphical user interface directly from your start menu. You wouldn’t be able to sport a difference between the Windows Apps and Linux apps launching process, and everything will be taken care of by Windows!

Less background processes and more battery!

As has been spotted by us in our usage of Windows 11, the number of background processes and Windows processes has been greatly reduced! This means that now your CPU will be more free to do tasks for you as compared to spending its time running background processes!

I personally have seen an improvement of about 45mins of performance mode, and an hour or so on battery saver mode! So yeah, now we know why Windows 11 feels so much more smooth and responsive than Windows 10. Also, if you didn’t notice in our previous posts, Windows 11 even runs on a system with 2GB of RAM ( Are Windows 7 days back? )

Performance improvements

Last but not the least, there are improvements in gaming FPS as well! Some of our friends tried running games like Genshin Impact and saw noticeable improvements in frame rates. We don’t know if this is due to reduced background processes or more optimisations done by Microsoft.

What do you think of Windows 11 from Microsoft? Do you want to try it out? Download it from up here! Also, make sure to checkout our full review of Windows 11 up here. If you liked this post make sure to follow us on Instagram and Telegram!

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