How to install Windows 11 on your PC!

Windows 11 leaked ISO is here, and many of us are excited about the additional performance gains that it provides, as well as the new UI and animations. However, for those of us who are unable to install the OS, we are here to assist you!

If you haven’t heard, a build of Windows 11 was leaked online a few days ago, and we were the first to report on it as well as provide information. And, thanks to Reddit user devforlife404‘s post, we’ve gotten a lot of people asking us to walk them through the process and other things. As a result, we’ve chosen to provide a comprehensive guide on how to upgrade or install Windows 11 on an existing computer.

We’ll go over two methods: the first is to keep all of your files and programmes while upgrading your current Windows 10 installation without problems ( Highly recommended ), and the second is to start over with a clean slate.

The Upgrade Method ( Recommended )

This is pretty simple for any of you to follow, no need to boot into BIOS or create Bootable Pendrives, all you need to do is:

That’s all there is to it! From here, Windows Setup will handle everything and update you to a fresh installation of Windows 11. You can also choose whether or not to keep your files and apps. The nicest aspect about this method is that it only takes a few minutes to install a reliable edition of Windows 10 and upgrade to Windows 11.

The Clean Install

If you are up-to an adventure, this is the way to go. This method might cause issues due to the leaked ISO build having TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot boundations, and we need to work around that. Here are the steps as to how you can do a clean install of Windows 11:

  • Download the Windows 11 ISO
  • Create a bootable media with current Windows 10 21H1 ISO
  • Extract the install.wim file from Windows 11 ISO
  • Paste the extracted files into the bootable drive’s sources folder
  • Boot with the pendrive and install Windows 11

This is the only way to get around the TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot requirements for Windows 11 Clean Install, and it allows you to start from scratch.

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