Get performance boost on Windows 11 for free!

Windows 11 hasn’t even been released yet, but we’ve already figured out how to get the most out of Microsoft’s brand new operating system! Let’s get started on getting those sweet sweet FPS in games while also making your PC more responsive!

For this tutorial, we’ll use Cleanwin, an utility that helps us eliminate the bloat services and apps that come with Windows by default. This was created by @yopratyaksh, a Telegram user who is also known for leaking the current Windows 11 ISO. This program can also be used on Windows 10, and we have a separate guide for that if you are still using Microsoft’s soon-to-be-legacy operating system.

You get the impression of what it’s supposed to do from the application description: “Probably the easiest and most plain forward project on that makes Windows 10/11 so fast – its beyond your imagination.” This software comes in two versions, and we’ll utilize the stable version instead of the main branch because it’s been tested and certified.

  • Download the latest build from Releases.
  • Unzip the file to a folder of your liking, we will be using Desktop for ease
  • This presents us with 2 files, CW-GUI and CW-CLI, we recommend the GUI one
  • You should get the app launched as shown below
  • Now, you can go forward and select all the options you desire
  • We recommend you disabling Telemetry, Data Collection and running Uninstall Bloat Features and Bloat Apps
  • This will remove various useless apps and services from the background, including but not limited to:

Apps uninstalled:

  • 3D Viewer
  • Alarms & Clock
  • Cortana
  • Camera
  • Connect
  • Feedback Hub
  • Films & TV
  • Get Help
  • Get started

Turn off the following services:

  • DiagTrack
  • DMWAppPushService
  • SysMain
  • RetailDemo
  • diagnosticshub.standardcollector.service
  • MapsBroker
  • NetTcpPortSharing
  • RemoteRegistry
  • SharedAccess
  • TrkWks

This frees up your machine’s background resources, allowing more CPU time and RAM to be allocated to your own Apps and Games, resulting in improved battery life, performance, and a considerable FPS boost!

So what do you think about Windows 11? Do you like the idea of improving an already optimized system? Let us know in the comments below! Also, here is our coverage of Windows 11 features and the leaked ISO!

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