Apple listened to its consumers and launched a killer product!

Apple has quietly done what we all asked for, and iPhone users can now forget about being tethered to a charging cord for the rest of their lives! It’s finally here: the official MagSafe wireless battery pack!

What is MagSafe?

For the uninitiated, MagSafe is an Apple technology that allows you to magnetically attach wireless chargers or other accessories to your device without having to worry about alignment, and it can easily detach itself if any wires are pulled, preventing your phone from falling off the table and into oblivion.

MagSafe Battery Pack Features

This new Apple battery pack has its own set of useful capabilities, and it’s ideal for folks who don’t want to be restricted by a cord everytime their smartphone runs out of charge. The MagSafe battery pack can charge at up to 20W, which means it will charge much faster than your iPhone 12, so you won’t have to worry about it charging slowly like low-quality powerbanks.

When connected to a 20W adapter, the battery bank can charge the iPhone 12 at 15W, and it can even charge itself if you plug the iPhone directly into the adaptor, eliminating the need to remove the bank from your case. It should be noted that since this reverse charging only uses 5W, it may take some time for the battery bank to be fully recharged.

When you’re not connected to anything, the MagSafe battery bank will charge your iPhone at 5W, guaranteeing that it doesn’t overheat and has a longer battery life. Apple does not supply a charger or cord with the Battery Pack, nor does it specify how much this device will increase the battery life of an iPhone. The Pack has a capacity of 11.2 watt hours or 1460 mAh, according to 9to5Mac, which could be enough to fully charge the iPhone 12 mini.

Pricing and more

According to Bloomberg, Apple has been working on this device for a long time but has been unable to deploy it owing to heating concerns caused by a software glitch, which has finally been resolved. The Battery Bank is available for purchase for $99.

Are you looking forward to Apple’s new product? Would you be comfortable carrying your phone around all day with a battery brick attached to it? Please let us know in the comments section below! Also, make sure to follow us on Telegram and Instagram for more updates!

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