Microsoft makes cloud PCs so you don’t need to buy one!

Microsoft has been working on their Software As A Service approach for a long time, and in response to the increased demand for PCs and laptops due to the pandemic, they have produced cloud PCs, which will hopefully solve all of our woes!

If you’re not sure what a cloud PC is or how it will affect your life, keep reading. We’ll be able to explain it to you. Windows 365, commonly known as Cloud PC, is a Microsoft programme that allows you to purchase a PC on demand, adjust its features to meet your needs, and use it on your machine or anywhere you have an internet connection.

As you may have guessed, this will make everyone’s lives a lot easier because you won’t have to worry about device drivers, hardware compatibility, or anything else; all you have to do now is connect your system to WiFi and run Windows as if it were installed on your machine.

This is also a significant benefit for system administrators or large enterprises, as they can simply offload the burden of IT management to a cloud-based service, saving money and time in the process. Furthermore, you will no longer be plagued by endless Windows updates, and you will always be running a secure, up-to-date version of Microsoft’s latest operating system, with no risk of losing your data.

What this implies is that you can access your PC data from your phone, or if you’re using a Chromebook and need to use Windows-only programmes, you can do so. If you use Linux, you can still utilise all of the Windows features you want, anytime and wherever you want.

Starting August 2, the service will be available in two editions: Windows 365 Business and Windows 365 Enterprise. Pricing would be determined by the number of users and the quantity of the installation’s storage.

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