OnePlus Nord 2 to be similar to its flagship counterpart!

OnePlus has been hard at work on the next version in the Nord series, and it’s called the OnePlus Nord 2 this time! The company has released new device teasers, and they are rather different from what we expected!

The official Indian Twitter account of OnePlus has published photographs of the forthcoming Nord 2, which prominently display the device’s rear-design, which is strikingly similar to that of this generation’s flagship, the OnePlus 9.

Although this isn’t an actual image of the device, nor is it a render, we can plainly see how it will seem. On the back, the smartphone will include a triple camera arrangement, with two large lenses and one small lens in a large camera bump.

From the back, the only visible difference between the Nord 2 and the OnePlus 9 is the lack of a flash, which results in a minor shift for the third camera; otherwise, the phones are practically similar.

This technique could work well for OnePlus, as they’re following Apple’s lead by keeping the higher-end and lower-end models of their devices comparable in appearance, ensuring that the brand’s reputation isn’t harmed and buyers are satisfied that they’re not getting a sub-par product.

This will be a positive move, as OnePlus fans have been really disappointed due to their merger with OPPO, and OxygenOS merging with OPPOs bloated ColorOS. And their devices have also found to be cheating for higher performance numbers in benchmarks, rather than real-life performance.

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