Xiaomi’s Mi Mix to feature cutting-edge charging technology!

Xiaomi has been hard at work on a brand-new device with a lot of features: the Mi Mix 4! While we already knew some of the device’s highlights, new leaks have surfaced that disclose much more about the device’s internals!

Geekbench leaks of the Mi Mix 4

The current leaks are credited to a Geekbench entry that has surfaced online, claiming to be from Xiaomi’s yet-to-be-released Mi Mix 4. These depict an octa-core SoC with the same 4+3+1 core configuration as the SD888.

The phone also has 12GB of RAM and is powered by Android 11. Single-core test scores range from 858 to 1,164, and multi-core test scores range from 2,995 to 3,706 in the various listings.

120W 10-min charging!

Xiaomi’s cutting-edge 120W charging technology, which can charge your device in just 10 minutes, has been certified to work with the Mi Mix 4. Gone are the days when you had to wait for your phone to charge; now you can simply plug it in and get a full day’s worth of battery in only a few minutes!

Additionally, the device will also support 15W, 27W, and 66W fast charging, so your existing chargers should also be compatible.

Under display cameras!

As we previously reported, this will be the first Xiaomi gadget with a camera built into the display, which should be superior to what ZTE was able to do. This would allow for a seamless full-screen experience with no notch or interruptions.

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