Intel and Samsung to transform the PC world completely!

Intel has been working on their 12th Gen CPUs for quite some time now, and now they are planning to launch a 14 core, 20 thread monstrosity of a CPU in collaboration with Samsung! Apple, your competition is here!

Bye Tiger Lake, Welcome Alder Lake

This is probably one of the biggest architectural upgrades Intel has done in decades, after having lots of trouble with their 10nm process node ( Now Intel 7 ) and facing severe competition from AMD. For the uninitiated, 12th Gen Intel CPUs bring Big.Little architecture, like that in our smartphones or Apple’s M1 macs, but instead of ARM it is our traditional x86 processor which means that all apps will run smoothly like usual times.

What this does bring to the table is extremely power efficient Little cores on to which tasks can be offloaded to when you are doing light work, for example opening Word documents, browing Web etc. While the Big or Power cores are only turned on when you are doing heavy multitasking live playing Games, Streaming or Editing Videos etc.

14 core, 20 threads on a Samsung laptop

According to UserBenchmark, a new Samsung laptop with the aforementioned characteristics has surfaced, and it appears to be very juicy in terms of upgrade. The new Alder Lake CPU in the next Galaxy Book with the ‘NP 930QED’ ID has a 2.25 GHz average clock speed, indicating that this is most likely an early sample with lower frequencies, according to the UserBenchmark data tool. Although there is no discrete GPU in this model, the processor should include an enhanced Iris Xe iGPU based on the Xe-LP architecture.erdict

On the storage front, Samsung offers a PM9A1 256 GB NVMe Gen 4 x4 SSD, and bigger capacities are likely to be available. The addition of DDR5 RAM is maybe the most intriguing update here. According to UserBenchmark, these laptops have 16 GB of DDR5-6400 RAM downclocked to DDR5-4400 standards, implying that they may use LPDDR5X.


The Intel 12th Gen CPU line-up promises a lot of things, which when combined with Samsung’s expertise should create a fantastic laptop if everything is done well. That said, we also are looking forward for more competition in the market, as more competition means higher performance for a lower price for users.

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