Chinese hackers hack iPhone 13 in just 15 seconds!

Apple, the company known for making some of the most secure and privacy centric smartphones in the world, is not so secure after all! Chinese hackers have been able to hack it in under 15 seconds!

Kunyun Labs was the team that was successful in getting into the iPhone 13 Pro in less than 15 seconds. The CEO of Kunlun Lab is the former CTO of Qihoo 360. To hack the smartphone, the researchers took use of a flaw in the Safari browser. ( Also check how Apple will be forced to use Type-C in iPhones )

In less than 15 seconds, the CEO hacked the smartphone in front of everyone. He, on the other hand, spent weeks preparing before attempting the hack. The hacking gang has yet to clarify how it was able to gain access to the smartphone.

Team Pangu was the other team to hack the iPhone 13 Pro, in addition to Kunlun Lab. The latter group has a track record of breaking into Apple products. The team won $300,000 after hacking the iPhone 13 smartphone in record time at the just finished event.


Both hacker groups have supplied or will share information about the security issues in the iOS 15.0.2 software with Apple in order for the tech giant to safeguard its latest iPhone 13 smartphone line.

Apple is expected to take note of the feedback from the hackers to improve its security. Besides Apple products, several hackers targeted other software such as Windows 10, Microsoft Exchange and Google Chrome, among others.

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