Google Pixel devices are lagging with Android 12 update!

Google is a well known company, and they are famous for creating their Pixel smartphones with amazing software and cameras! But the software side is facing issues, thanks to the new Android 12 update!

The New Android 12 Update

Android 12 is Google’s latest update to the Open Source operating system, aka Android. This update brings along Material You, which designs the whole system UI according to your wallpaper and uses loads of AI to make your device smarter. But sadly the Pixel line-up is getting messed up with this Android update!

The New Bugs and Issues

Some of the affected individuals have expressed their dissatisfaction with Google Support forums. A huge number of consumers have reported that after upgrading Android 12, their Pixel phones have become unresponsive to touch. Others have voiced their concerns.

Following the Android 12 upgrade, a few customers have reported battery drain difficulties as well as other issues on their Pixel models.

The difficulties don’t appear to be restricted to a single Pixel model, though the most of the complaints on the Internet indicate that they’re affecting recent Pixel phones including the Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, and Pixel 5.

Android 12 has yet to be identified as having any faults, according to Google. However, some affected users have been advised to switch to safe mode by product experts on the Google Support forums to see if the difficulties are caused by any third-party apps. It doesn’t appear to have aided users too much.


Google has messed up one of the features that made them popular in the first place, now it remains to be seen Google’s take on this, as they haven’t acknowledged any bugs in the update as of now. Stay tuned for further updates! Also, if you haven’t already, please follow us on Telegram and Instagram, and subscribe to our mailing list for latest tech news!

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