Xiaomi introduces new cooling tech to revolutionize smartphones

Xiaomi is one of the brands which is well known for innovation in the smartphone sector, and this time they have made cooling tech which will completely change how we game and use our smartphones!

Xiaomi LiquidCool Tech

Xiaomi created the Loop LiquidCool technology, which improves basic heat pipes in two ways, resulting in a cooling efficiency that is doubled. Xiaomi products are likely to feature this technology in the second half of 2022.

How it Works

This is how it goes: The Evaporator portion is where heat from the chipset causes liquid to evaporate, and that hot gas goes down a pipe to cool in the Condenser (for example, by using the metal frame as a heat sink) and turn back into liquid. This liquid then flows to the Refill chamber, which feeds the Evaporator, resuming the cycle.

Xiaomi introduces Loop LiquidCool tech, promises to double the cooling efficiency of vapor chambers

This is comparable to what happens in a typical heat pipe, but there are a few key changes, as we’ve already mentioned. First and foremost, the hot gas and the cool liquid must be kept separate. Heat pipes, on the other hand, have the wick carrying the liquid and the chamber through which the gas passes all in the same metal pipe, and contact between the two diminishes efficiency.

Why is it better?

The employment of Tesla valves to ensure that the circulation goes in the appropriate direction is the second key alteration. Yes, Tesla designed these valves, which have no moving components and rely on their ingenious design to ensure that liquid flows far easier in one direction than the other.

That’s how Loop LiquidCool works in principle; now it’s time to put it into practise. Xiaomi altered a Mix 4 by replacing the original vapour chamber with a Loop LiquidCool system, even though the first phones are still months away.

Xiaomi introduces Loop LiquidCool tech, promises to double the cooling efficiency of vapor chambers

The maximum temperature observed after 30-minutes of Genshin Impact at 60 fps (max video settings) was 47.7oC, 8.6oC cooler than an unmodified Mix 4. It’s worth noting that the video above gives a more conservative aim of 5 degrees Celsius lower than “average Snapdragon 888 devices.”

Claims and timeline

Xiaomi claims that its design is adaptable and can be modified to accommodate additional components, such as the battery, camera modules, and other components. For example, a square-shaped loop would allow for more area for the battery, camera modules, and other components.

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